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Our Nation, State, County and City face serious challenges and we have the
opportunity and the responsibility to elect representatives to deliver constructive solutions.

Your vote truly counts, especially in local elections where races have
been decided by as few as two votes!

We need solid leaders committed to free-markets, limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility. Leaders who understand more taxes and bigger government are not the solution to every problem.

Please continue to check back for updates or better yet, sign-up and receive news, alerts and information about upcoming elections, ballot initiatives, propositions and candidates.

Your Tuolumne County Republican Central Committee provides research, discernment and guidance to assist all voters in the most important role we have as American Citizens.

Our Constitution provides an import framework for participation and dialog.  Differing views toward constructing balance in society is valued.   Please note the guidance provided here is part of this dialog.

Additional Campaign Information:

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