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Our Nation, State, County and City face serious challenges and we have the
opportunity and the responsibility to elect representatives to deliver constructive

Your vote truly counts, especially in local elections where races have
been decided by as few as two votes!

We need solid leaders committed to free-markets, limited government, individual
liberty, and personal responsibility
. Leaders who understand more taxes and bigger government are not the solution to every problem.

The Tuolumne County Republican Central Committee Endorses:

  • Board of Supervisors - District 1:

    • ​This race is blessed with multiple qualified candidates. The committee did not reach the 2/3 majority required to endorse at this time. Please continue your own research and vote for the candidate with values that align with yours.

  • Board of Supervisors - District 4: Steve Griefer

    • ​The South County along with East Sonora will be fully represented with this experienced leader who knows and understands both communities. Steve has extensive history in the Groveland area having served as a law enforcement officer, spent 20 years with the Boy Scouts of America organization, five years with leadership in a homeowners’ association, and volunteered for a philanthropic program for kids with Lions International. He is no stranger to the demands of public service and welcomes the challenge.

  • Board of Supervisors - District 5: Arthur Schmidt

    • ​Arthur has been a respected local businessman for many years. He has extensive experience with the city and the county. He knows our issues and believes in transparency, truth, logic, and common-sense solutions. He has demonstrated maturity and commitment through his work, community focus and personal philanthropy with 4-H, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. Arthur understands service and will be there for all of us.

  • Sonora City Council - Darren Duez

    • ​Darren is a local businessman who understands government procurement processes as well as managing payroll and taxes. He has been active in local government, especially in the City of Sonora, bringing focus and real solutions to major issues. Darren consistently steps up in the community delivering his time and resources to
      address critical needs. His focus on fiscal responsibility and accountability is vital to Sonora’s future.

  • Sonora City Council - Stephen Opie

    • ​Stephen is a lifelong resident of Sonora. He desires to give back to his community as his family has done for generations with involvement in 4H and FFA in his youth, and volunteering with Tuolumne Sheriff’s Posse. He currently serves as a Sonora City Planning Commissioner. Being keenly aware of the important issues facing the city, Stephen is prepared to provide effective community representation and leadership.

  • California State Assembly District 8 - George Radanovich

    • ​George is a champion for rural counties. As an experienced U.S. Congressman, he will engage progressive legislators and form common sense initiatives. George stands for stronger border security, law enforcement, less debt, and lower taxes. His concern surrounding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) drives his plan to engage the community in helping families and their children. George will fight to protect our constitutional rights.

  • U.S. Congress District 5 - Congressman Tom McClintock

    • ​Tom is a dedicated constitutionalist who defends our rights and privileges as citizens striving for quality life in our rural county. A fiscal conservative who fights against wasteful government spending, he supports a balanced budget and reduction of the national debt. Tom continues to provide Congressional leadership in proven forest management strategies vital to the reduction of catastrophic fires
      and long-term health of the forest ecosystem.

Your Tuolumne County Republican Central Committee provides research, discernment and guidance to assist all voters in the most important role we have as American Citizens.

Our Constitution provides an import framework for participation and dialog.  Differing views toward constructing balance in society is valued.   Please note the guidance provided here is part of this dialog.

Additional Campaign Information:

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